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Since our very first month in business, we have been cleaning commercial carpets - including many "big names"  Our reputation as a friendly family business is important to us. We offer excellent value for money at very affordable rates.  We offer one off cleans as well as cleaning to your specification.  We do not charge any extra for cleaning out of hours - so can work entirely around you - whether its late at night, early morning or over a weekend - Whatever suits you - suits us!!

The picture shown above, is of a local social club  - over 10 years of beer spills on this carpet - delighted with the result - many hours and multiple blisters later - we found the yeast had formed a cover over the carpet and completely protected it - this carpet really was like new once cleaned - Less than £300 and ready for use the same evening!

We are proud to be the carpet cleaner of choice for many local busnesses - as you can see from the pictures below, we have some exceptional results.   This local indian restaurant shown below had large stains running from the kitchen area, the length of the restaurant - This took a huge effort - but the restaurant was ready to open for evening service!!  We love seeing the fabulous results we regularly get from commercial carpet cleaning - Give us a ring today to see what we can do for your business!

Commercial carpet cleaning is usually  different to domestic cleaning.  As most commercial carpets are flat piled - such as carpet tiles for durability, a hot water extraction machine is not suitable as this cleans the carpet pile.  For this purpose, we would use a rotary machine - This is a spinning machine that perfectly cleans the flat carpet pile.  Even more appropriate for commercial cleaning is that rotary cleaning uses hardly any water so enables your carpets to be used  immediately following a professional clean!!

We clean pubs, clubs, shops, offices, schools, hotels, halls of residence, doctors surgeries etc....


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