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Leather furniture now represents a large percentage of furniture today, and is likely to be amongst the most expensive items purchased in your home. As such it is important to professionally clean it, to keep it looking in  prime condition.


Incorrect cleaning, using regular household solutions can cause damage  that is expensive or impossible to repair. If leather furniture is cleaned incorrectly or not at all, it can lead to peeling and cracking. There are different types of leather, each requiring a different method of cleaning.


We can remove stains and soils as well as replenishing essential oils,We will clean and revitalize your leather and upholstery to the best of our ability, using appropriate cleaning procedures and products.

The products we use are specifically suited to the cleaning and protection of leather.  Rather than clean with machinery, as with fabric upholstery, leather is gently cleaned by hand, producing superior results.  As well as leaving your furniture looking cleaner, we will also restore the feel of your leather upholstery leaving it more softer and supple, with no risk to your furniture.

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